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RE: JResult Client, Election Night Display

> >Why does it take so long for the results to be displayed after being
> >received.  Five minutes seems like an eternity, especially after the
> >swiftness of VTS and Kermit.
> >
> >Greg Forsythe
> If it really takes five minutes to display AFTER JResult receives
> it (after
> you hit "Refresh Now"), then we have to take a look of JResult and improve
> its performance.
> Whitman

I wasn't going to post on this one but I just can't help it.

Greg has a one race election, so trust me its not a performance problem (ie
no results five minutes AFTER refresh).

To answer Greg's question:  VTS could give results faster in the 10 precinct
1 race case because it had a poor design that would not scale.  GEMS is
designed to handle 1000 race 1000 precinct accounts with many (even
thousands) of result clients.  To do this without bogging down the server we
had to choose a reasonable minimum refresh period.  We chose five minutes.

As the designer responsible for the new result system, I personally
apologize for the five minute eternity.