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Re: JResult Client, Election Night Display

>Why does it take so long for the results to be displayed after being
>received.  Five minutes seems like an eternity, especially after the
>swiftness of VTS and Kermit.
>Greg Forsythe

Without much about the setup, here is my opinion.  The time for the result
to be displayed depends on the refresh period of JResult.  GEMS simply
generates the result in a text file.  It is JResult's job to retrieve the
result and display it.  You can make the refresh period shorter to get more
updated result, but there is no mechanism for GEMS to signal JResult that a
new set of results is generated.

If it really takes five minutes to display AFTER JResult receives it (after
you hit "Refresh Now"), then we have to take a look of JResult and improve
its performance.