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RE: Gems changing from modem to Accu-Vote when downloading and uploading Fw: GEMS software versions

We have only been supplying 28.8 and 33.6 US Robotics Modems.  If there are any 56K modems out there, I wouldn't know about it. 
Excellent point.  In general it is very hard or impossible for ESG to troubleshoot hardware or software they have never seen or used with GEMS.  Is there some kind of policy to recover the extra cost of supporting hardware that was not supplied out of McKinney?

  Is anyone successfully using USR 56K modems with GEMS?  If so, how are they set up?  We need to find this out and share it with everyone.

Mike and I will look into this after he gets back from Minnesota.  Kick me next week if you haven't heard anything.  It will probably take a small change to GEMS to get 56k modems working.