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RE: Message out of sync

If programming a memory card in GEMS results in 'Message out of sync', verify that the vote center being downloaded is linked to at least one base precinct and at least one card.  Also verify that the AccuVote Reports and Version fields in the AccuVote Options window have been properly set.
Right.  The most common reason for "message out of sync" is the vote center has no report precincts case.  The error shows up in a number of "edge conditions" like this.  A card with no races is another common example. 
Something for people to think about:  AccuVote 2.0 will probably just accept these edge conditions without error.  For example, a vote center with no report prectincts will download but not be able to count anything.  Of course a zero report will make it pretty clear why.  The cards with no races case can actually legitimately show up in a recount.  We could disallow no report precincts at download on the GEMS side if we want.  Anyway, the not-very-helpfull "message out of sync" error will eventually be a thing of the past.