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RE: New Generation AccuVote - AT Improvements

A recent demo by Sequioa Pacific revealed that they are in pursuit of certification of a 15" color touch screen to be sold at a price of $ 3800.00. This system includes an integrated free standing booth, tabulator and privacy screens.  The cost and timing  indicate that Sequioa will be in the "certified" market place in advance of our new unit and bears out the need for expediency in development and certification of the same.  
The negative feedback from the Sequioa demo included the black and white two column screen, but the biggest negative was the small size of their current  screen.  The first two questions from our prospect were "if I buy your system then don't' I have to buy a booth too. Your unit cost 6,000 without the booth or privacy screen?"  The comments and questions illustrate concerns with cost and logistics of our current system and point to system functionality that prospects are looking for.  
Regarding an internal printer for each unit; would it be viable to use a portable printer (i.e. BJC 80 or something compact and portable) . Would one printer (or two for backup)  for each precinct address all of our printing needs including zero and results tapes, reduce unit cost and address weight and size issues simultaneously?

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