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RE: 128KB Memory Card One Pass Copy

> << Of course we can only do this when the Accu-Vote
>  is equiped with 256K of RAM so the infrared units would need to
> be upgraded.
> >>
> Please clarify what needs to be upgraded?  The reader? the Rev of
> firmware?
> What are costs going to be for the upgrade to 2.0.

I didn't see a response to this one.  Guy was just talking about the
one-pass 128k copy.  This would only require an upgrade of the RAM, not
anything else.  Ian would know the cost.  Do we have a price sheet for these
kinds of upgrades (RAM, reader, clock chip, whatever)?

Of course I doubt anyone would upgrade the RAM just for the 128k copy
feature.  Multi-pass 128k copy will continue to work for those machines that
don't have 256k of RAM.