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Re: Status w/ Doug Kaplan

Thank you Steve, for the update on Doug Kaplan.

This has been a difficult week for Global.  Rodney Turner's father passed
away on Saturday.  We have sent flowers on behalf of everyone at Global.
Rodney will understandably be out of the office for a couple of days.

Our prayers and wishes go out to both families.

Ingrid Giordano

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Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 9:52 AM
Subject: Status w/ Doug Kaplan

>I know many of you have expressed concern about Doug, Frank's son, who was
>hit by a line drive in the head with a baseball on Thursday.  I spoke to
>Frank last night, and this is what the general picture is as of last night.
>There was surgery involved to relieve pressure on Doug's brain due to
>swelling and clotting.  This has affected his motor coordination and
>The first few days were very touch and go, but Doug is now showing
>significant improvement and is off all monitors.  Apparently he is able to
>walk although his speech is still affected significantly.  Frank's family
>will not really know the long term projections for full or partial recovery
>for a while.  In terms of what we can do, I think its simply making sure
>Frank can focus on family at this point and to send our thoughts and/or
>prayers for Doug.
>Thanks, Steve