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RE: GEMS questions

> > Also can items on the report (specifically SOVC) be expanded in
> regards to
> > Size, Labels within the report, and the moving of column line to insure
> that
> > text is not cut off.

There is an an RCR pending regarding changing the font size.  What text
specifically is being cut off?  Probably the race title?  The race title is
currently not limited in length, but if it is truncated on the SOVC than
often it is also truncated on the AV/AVTS result tape as well.  The only
solution is to come up with a shorter race title.

In general it is a good idea to preview your reports during the L&A and
adjust the labels so they do not truncate.  This was part of the issue when
Tari requested we allow labels to change after set-for-election.