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RE: Saturday Gems Merge Wor[k]shop

> The version of
> GEMS that
> supports the AccuVote TS will be release later next week.

Easy guys.  "...*might* be release(d) later next week".  Whitman is
currently working on an Install package for the TS.  We will release the
software when he is ready.

I know there is a lot of excitement and interest in the new TS software, but
there is not a lot of point in forcing out an unfinished product and have
everyone not even able to install it.  As it stands the TS code that will be
released in a far less polished state than people have become accustomed to
with GEMS and the AccuVote.  I would have personally preferred that we have
another month to get more basic TS features completed, but now that we are
using the merged system for Lake County on May 4, it looks like the genie is
out of the bottle.

Watch the announce list for the general release.