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Re: New Generation AccuVote - AT Improvements

My conclusions on printers
Externals provide a cheaper solution and a slimmer AccuVote-TS, but more complex for the poll worker to use and lose.
Internals cost more per unit but are so damn convenient.
Perhaps both of these solutions should become "the" options for the AccuVote-TS.
If we are to use an internal printer we would drive it directly therefor the cost should be about $45.  Therefor the benfits of the internal printer is that is would be less expensive (if more that 50% of the units need printers) and easier to setup.
True, the cost of the printer would be approx $45, but its contribution to the retail product price would be around $160 unless we're prepared to knock down standard profit margins. 
NOTE: If we decrease standard profit margins on this product, then either cost of sale has to go down or profits from other services or products have to go up to compensate.  We need the profits to keep running the company.
Has anybody done any cost-benefit analysis on this product?  We should know up front what we expect to make on the product.
Based on standard margins for retail pricing, a $1500 product should sell for $5000.  Of course, higher volume per sale would allow this retail price to come down, but by how much?  Any ideas anyone?  Perhaps this is a Howard question.  Just thought I feel it out.