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Re: log printer

We were not allow to certify in Texas without this feature.  Paul Dunhill made the modifications on the old I-Mark 2.0 Software and then we become certified in Texas.  The statute requires an Audit log, but does not specifically call for a printer per say.  It was basically the interpretation of the state examiners that demanded it emphatically (as Bob U. and Larry E).  Since we are already certified in Texas with this feature, it is a requirement and not a request.
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 1999 3:51 PM
Subject: RE: log printer

For the State of Texas, we need to have an on-demand-printer that is connected to the host/server computer that prints everything that comes into to the host computer.  I know that GEMS keeps an audit log.  This type of log needs to be printed out when the host computer is receiving data.  Please give me an idea when this will become available for our newest and greatest version of software.
I am told this has come up in the past with VTS (perhaps Minnesota), but we were able to convince them that an electronic log is better.  It is infinitely more likely for a line printer to fail on election night than it is for a RAID disk to fail, so this feature does not make much sense on technical merit.  Paper trails of a log file can be generated at any time based on the electronic log.  If people know of other jurisdictions other than Texas that require this, please follow up.
GEMS does of course log election activity on election night.  We do that through the Upload, Central Count, and Poster logs.  Review these logs and see if the information there is sufficient for Texas.  The logging for AccuVote-TS upload is currently lacking -- I will improve it to the level of AccuVote logging, so just review the that log for how it will work.  Follow up in detail with any events that need logging but we don't currently track.
Also forward to me whatever applicable Texas state statutes so we can review what is required by law regarding the line printer (just photocopy the sections).  I know we had some kind of certification to run elections with our software previously since we ran six precincts in Dallas last year (without the line printing feature of course).
This feature is not trivial to implement since we have multiple log files that operate asynchronously.  That is, GEMS performs multiple tasks simultaneously and logs the events in separate files, while presumably there would be only one log printer attached to the system.  I already have visions of a software bug where GEMS crashes when the line printer fails (ever see your home software do that?), so we would have to be very careful with any implementation.