SCS Graduate Student Seminar Series





12/06/98 WeH 4601 Doug Baker Distributional Clustering of Words for Text Classification
19/06/98 WeH 4623 Michael Mateas Terminal Time: A Recombinant History Apparatus
26/06/98 WeH 4601 Jürgen Dingel Concurrency and Refinement
03/07/98 WeH 4601 John Langford Compilation Techniques for Planning
10/07/98 WeH 4601 Doug Beeferman Lexical Discovery with an Enriched Semantic Network
17/07/98 WeH 4623 Franklin Chen Standard ML for Parallel / Scientific Computing
24/07/98 WeH 4601 Chris Colohan An Architecture for Thread-Level Data Speculation
31/07/98 WeH 4601 Leemon Baird Reinforcement Learning Through Gradient Descent
07/08/98 WeH 4601 Chris Stone Practical Issues in a Type-Passing Compiler
14/08/98 WeH 4601 Edwin Chan Tool Support for Design Patterns
21/08/98 WeH 4601 Seán Slattery Relational Learning for Web Page Classification
04/09/98 WeH 4601 Rob O'Callahan The Quest for the Holy Grail: Scalable, Deep, Useful Program Analysis
18/09/98 WeH 4601 Michael Garland Simplifying Triangulated Surfaces in 1 Minute or Less
02/10/98 WeH 4601 Will Uther CM-Trio Training Camp: The inside story...
16/10/98 WeH 4601 Bridget Spitznagel A Taxonomy of Modifications to Connectors
23/10/98 WeH 4601 Dayne Freitag Learning to Extract Information from Messy Text
30/10/98 WeH 4601 Doug Rohde Connectionist Modeling of Sentence Comprehension and Production
13/11/98 WeH 4601 Marc Fasnacht Monte Carlo Simulations of Proteins
15/01/99 WeH 4623 Bob Monroe Rapid Development of Custom Software Architecture Design Environments
29/01/99 WeH 4601 Belinda Thom Learning Melodic Pitch Preference in Real-time Interactive Jazz Improvisation
12/02/99 WeH 4601 Jügen Dingel Refinement for Parallel Programs
19/02/99 WeH 8220 Adam Berger Machine translation: past, present and future
26/02/99 WeH 8220 Paul Placeway Preliminary Results in Multi-Pass Parsing of Natural Language
05/03/99 WeH 4601 Eli Brandt Low-Latency Music Software Using Off-The-Shelf Operating Systems
12/03/99 WeH 4601 Marius Minea Verification of Timed Systems using Partial Order Reduction
02/04/99 WeH 4601 Lisa Saksida Neural substrates of stimulus memory: A connectionist model of effects of lesions in perirhinal cortex
09/04/99 WeH 4601 Mihai Budiu The CMU Reconfigurable Computing Project
16/04/99 WeH 4623 Aaron Greenhouse A Tool for Systematic Program Evolution and its Object-Oriented Effects System
30/04/99 WeH 4623 Dawn Song Athena: a New Efficient Automatic Checker for Security Protocol Analysis
03/09/99 WeH 8220 Belinda Thom Learning Models for Interactive Melodic Improvisation
17/09/99 WeH 4623 Andrej Bauer Realizability: Who Needs It
01/10/99 WeH 4623 Jovan Popic Interactive Control of Rigid Body Motion
15/10/99 WeH 4623 Hal Burch Cyber-Cartography: Drawing the Internet
29/10/99 WeH 4623 Bridget Spitznagel Constructing Software Connectors
05/11/99 WeH 4623 Dushyanth Narayanan Multi-Fidelity Support for Interactive Mobile Applications
12/11/99 WeH 4623 James Thomas Machine Learning vs. The Efficient Market Hypothesis
03/12/99 WeH 8220 Christoper Werry Imagined Electronic Community: Representations of Virtual Community in Contemporary Business Discourse
21/01/00 WeH 4623 Chris Colohan Potential Parallelism: A New Way of Looking at Parallel Machines
25/02/00 WeH 4623 Carsten Schürmann Towards Automated Verification of Safety Architectures
10/03/00 WeH 4623 John Pane Natural Programming: An HCI Approach to Programming Language Design
31/03/00 WeH 4623 Dan Pelleg X means --- extending K-means to estimate the number of clusters
07/04/00 WeH 8220 Mark Moll An Overview of Probabilistic Path Planning Algorithms
21/04/00 WeH 4623 Rob Miller Integrating a Command Shell Into a Web Browser
28/04/00 WeH 4623 Adam Fass PicturePiper: Using a re-configurable pipeline to find images on the WWW
05/05/00 WeH 4623 Sanjay Rao End System Multicast: A New Architecture for Group Communication over the Internet
12/05/00 WeH 4623 Paul Bennett Using the Naive Bayes Classifier to Obtain Reasonable Class Posteriors
29/09/00 WeH 4601 Jerry Zhu Improving Trigram Language Modeling with the World Wide Web
20/10/00 NSH 1507 Michael Bowling Multiagent Reinforcement Learning using a Variable Learning Rate
27/10/00 NSH 1507 Dennis Strelow Reducing Web Latency with Hierarchical, Cache-based Prefetching
03/11/00 NSH 1507 Jovan Popovic Control of Rigid Body Simulations in Computer Animation
17/11/00 NSH 1507 Karin Sigurd Evolutionary Game Theory: A brief Tutorial and Some Results
01/12/00 NSH 1507 Andrew Faulring Using Thumbnails to Search the Web
08/12/00 NSH 1507 Umut Acar The Data Locality of Work Stealing
15/12/00 NSH 1507 Andrej Bauer What is Category Theory?
30/03/01 NSH 1507 Jeffrey Polakow Reasoning about resources with linear logic.
13/04/01 NSH 1507 Ariadna Font Llitjos Knowledge of Language Origin Improves Pronunciation Accuracy of Proper Names
20/04/01 NSH 1507 Mihai Budiu NanoFabrics: Spatial Computing using Molecular Electronics
27/04/01 NSH 1507 Aleksandar Nanevski Automatic Generation of Staged Geometric Predicates
04/05/01 NSH 1507 Robert O'Callahan Shadow of the Lizard: Open Problems Inspired By The Mozilla Project
11/05/01 NSH 1507 Brigitte Pientka Verifying the Termination of Programs
18/05/01 NSH 1507 Belinda Thom BoB: An Improvisational Music Companion
07/09/01 WeH 4615 Jun Gao Securing Programmable Routers with Access Control
28/09/01 WeH 4623 Takahide Matsutsuka A Web-Tier Framework for Enterprise Business Applications
26/10/01 WeH 4623 Martin Zinkevich Online Algorithms for Market Clearing
09/11/01 WeH 4623 Bianca Schroeder Improving Performance of Web Servers Under Overload
16/11/01 WeH 4623 Bridget Spitznagel Applying Connector Transformations
30/11/01 WeH 4623 Dennis Strelow Extending Shape-from-Motion to Noncentral Omnidirectional Cameras
07/12/01 WeH 4623 Katherine Larson Auctions with Computationally Limited Bidding Agents
22/02/02 NSH 1507 Ke Yang On the (Im)possibility of Obfuscating Programs
01/03/02 NSH 1507 Shuchi Chawla An Optimal Algorithm for the List Update Problem
08/03/02 NSH 1507 Dan Bohus Detecting Misunderstandings in the CMU Communicator Spoken Dialog System
15/03/02 NSH 1507 Hakan Younes Probabilistic Verification of Discrete Event Systems
22/03/02 WeH 4615A Elly Winner Learning Templates for Efficient Planning
29/03/02 NSH 1507 Thomas Kang Hiasynth: Human-In-Action Synthesis
12/04/02 NSH 1507 Sanjit Seshia Modular Verification of Multithreaded Software
19/04/02 NSH 1507 Urs Hengartner Detection and Analysis of Routing Loops in the Internet
26/04/02 NSH 1507 Nikhil Bansal Correlation Clustering
03/05/02 NSH 1507 Derek Dreyer What is a Module System?
10/05/02 NSH 1507 Shimin Chen Improving Index Performance through Prefetching
07/06/02 NSH 1507 Ted Wong My cache or yours? Making storage more exclusive
30/08/02 NSH 1507 Rune Jensen How to Speed Up Heuristic Search with Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams
27/09/02 NSH 1507 Antonia Zhai Compiler Optimization of Scalar Value Communication Between Speculative Threads
18/10/02 NSH 1507 Monica Rogati Unsupervised Learning of Arabic Stemming using a Parallel Corpus
25/10/02 NSH 1507 Nicholas Hopper Steganography: Undercover Cryptography
01/11/02 NSH 1507 Alexander Gray High-Dimensional Nearest-Neighbor Location: Statistics, Geometry and Algorithms (talk cancelled)
08/11/02 NSH 1507 Sungwoo Park A Calculus for Probabilistic Languages
22/11/02 NSH 1507 Adam Wierman Understanding the Slowdown of Large Jobs in an M/GI/1 System
07/02/03 NSH 1507 Brigitte Pientka Overcoming Performance Barriers: Efficient Proof Search in Logical Frameworks
14/03/03 NSH 1507 Kay Sripanidkulchai Efficient Content Location Using Interest-Based Locality in Peer-to-Peer Systems
21/03/03 WeH 5409 Lucian Lita Truecasing
04/04/03 NSH 1507 Desney Tan Physically Large Displays Improve Spatial Performance
18/04/03 NSH 1507 Alexander Gray Statistics, Geometry, and the Cosmos
25/04/03 NSH 1507 Weng-Keen Wong Early Disease Outbreak Detection
02/05/03 WeH 4623 Glenn Judd Providing Contextual Information to Pervasive Computing Applications
09/05/03 NSH 1507 Patrick Riley SPADES --- System for Parallel Agent, Discrete Event Simulation
19/09/03 NSH 1507 Jernej Barbic Mesh generation and Delaunay-based meshes
03/10/03 NSH 1507 Yang-hua Chu Deployment Experience with an Overlay-based Internet Broadcasting System
24/10/03 NSH 1507 Takayuki Osogami Analysis of cycle stealing with switching cost
31/10/03 NSH 1507 Sagar Chaki Two-level Counterexample Guided Abstraction Refinement
07/11/03 NSH 1507 Vincent Conitzer Expressive Negotiation over Donations to Charities
14/11/03 NSH 1507 Rajesh Balan Tactics-Based Remote Execution for Mobile Computing
21/11/03 NSH 1507 Brendan McMahan Efficient Planning in Cost-Paired Markov Decision Process Games
05/12/03 NSH 1507 Kedar Dhamdhere Closet Metric Problems
20/02/04 NSH 1507 Sanjay G. Rao The Case for End System Multicast
12/03/04 NSH 1507 Dan Blandford Compact Representations of Ordered Sets
19/03/04 NSH 1507 Jun Gao A Scalable Peer-to-Peer Content Discovery System Supporting Complex Queries
09/04/04 NSH 1507 Dan Blandford Compact Representations of Ordered Sets
23/04/04 NSH 1507 Ting Liu The IOC algorithm: Efficient Many-Class Non-parametric Classification for High-Dimensional Data
30/04/04 NSH 1507 Murali Talupur An Efficient Decision Procedure for Separation Logic
07/05/04 NSH 3305 Ning Hu Polyphonic Audio Matching and Alignment
07/05/04 WeH 4623 Mark Fuhs The Mixture Modeling Theory of Hippocampal Place Cell Remapping
03/09/04 WeH 4601 Pedro V. Artigas Bridging the gap between Software and Hardware Compilation
17/09/04 WeH 4601 Hyang-Ah Kim Autograph: Toward Distributed, Automated Worm Signature Detection
24/09/04 WeH 4601 Amit Manjhi Finding Frequent Items in Distributed Data Streams
01/10/04 WeH 4601 Yan Ke An Efficient Parts-based Near-duplicate and Sub-image Retrieval System
29/10/04 WeH 4601 Ningning Hu Available Bandwidth Measurement Using Packet Train Probing
05/11/04 WeH 4601 Yinglian Xie Seurat: A Pointillist Approach to Anomaly Detection
19/11/04 WeH 4601 Alina Oprea Space-Efficient Block Storage Integrity
03/12/04 WeH 4601 Suman Nath Synopsis Diffusion for Robust Aggregation in Sensor Networks
14/01/05 NSH 1507 Maxim Likhachev Anytime A* Search with Provable Bounds on Sub-Optimality
04/02/05 NSH 1507 Stefan Niculescu Parameter Related Domain Knowledge for Learning in Bayesian Networks
11/02/05 NSH 1507 Sanjit Seshia Boolean Methods for Arithmetic Reasoning
18/02/05 NSH 1507 Murali Talupur Verification by Network Decomposition
25/02/05 NSH 1507 Anubhav Gupta SAT-based Abstraction Refinement
11/03/05 NSH 1507 Dave Koes A Progressive Register Allocator for Irregular Architectures
18/03/05 WeH 4623 Joao Pedro Sousa Scaling Task Management in Space and Time
25/03/05 NSH 1507 Chengwen Chris Wang Multi-Splay Trees
08/04/05 NSH 1507 Minglong Shao Clotho: decoupling memory page layout from storage organization
22/04/05 NSH 1507 Rob Reeder User Interface Dependability through Goal-Error Prevention
29/04/05 NSH 1507 Lucian Vlad Lita Data-Driven Question Answering
06/05/05 NSH 3305 Joshua Dunfield Applying Type Refinements
13/05/05 NSH 1507 Anton Likhodedov Boosting Seller's Revenue in Combinatorial Auctions
20/05/05 NSH 1305 Jonathan W. Moody A Type Theory for Distributed Programming
16/09/05 NSH 1507 Anton Likhodedov Boosting Seller's Revenue in Combinatorial Auctions
23/09/05 NSH 3305 Andrew G. Gilpin Finding Equilibria in Large Sequential Games of Imperfect Information
30/09/05 NSH 1507 Ben Rister Managing Scale and Dynamism in Claytronics
07/10/05 NSH 1507 Tom Murphy What Is Modal Logic and What Is It Good for?
14/10/05 NSH 1507 Jia Yu (Tim) Pan ViVo: Visual Vocabulary Construction for Mining Biomedical Images
21/10/05 NSH 1507 Aleksey Kliger A Monadic Analysis of Information Flow Security with Mutable State
28/10/05 NSH 1507 Srinath Sridhar Reconstructing Evolutionary Trees Optimally
04/11/05 NSH 1507 Mike De Rosa Scalable Shape Sculpting via Hole Motion: Motion Planning for Claytronics
11/11/05 NSH 1507 Shobha Venkataraman New Streaming Algorithms for Fast Detection of Superspreaders
18/11/05 WeH 4625 Himanshu Jain Predicate Abstraction and Refinement for Verifying Hardware Designs
09/12/05 NSH 1507 Matt Streeter Extreme Value Theory and the Max k-Armed Bandit Problem
20/01/06 NSH 1507 Rose Hoberman Conserved spatial patterns in genomes: signal or noise?
03/02/06 NSH 1507 Kaustuv Chaudhuri Focused Forward Proof Search in Linear Logic
10/02/06 NSH 1507 Lucian Vlad Lita Adaptable Automatic Evaluation Metrics for Machine Translation
17/02/06 NSH 1507 Andreas Krause Near-optimal Sensor Placements: Maximizing Information while Minimizing Communication Cost
24/02/06 NSH 1507 Haowen Chan Using Regularity in One-Hop Clustering for Sensor Network Localization
24/03/06 NSH 1507 Jimeng Sun SPIRIT: Streaming Pattern Discovery : methods and applications
31/03/06 NSH 1507 Paul Reitsma Evaluating Expected Character Performance in Data-Driven Animation
07/04/06 NSH 1507 Khalid El-Arini Autonomous Visualization
14/04/06 NSH 1507 Christopher Twigg Browsing Simulation Options
28/04/06 NSH 1507 Jonathan Moody Mobility and Locality Types for Distributed Programming
05/05/06 NSH 1507 Susmit Sarkar Certified Computation
12/05/06 NSH 1507 Kevin Bowers Consumable Credentials in Logic-Based Access Control
26/05/06 NSH 1507 Jason Reed From Adequate Proofs to Efficient Proofs
13/10/06 NSH 1507 Haowen Chan Secure Hierarchical In-network Aggregation for Sensor Networks
03/11/06 NSH 1507 Daniel Lee Machine-Checked Proofs about Full-Scale Programming Languages
10/11/06 NSH 1507 Stephen Magill Combining Shape Analysis and Arithmetic Reasoning
17/11/06 NSH 1507 Jeffrey Stylos Making APIs More Usable through Studies of API Design Choices
01/12/06 NSH 1507 Francisco Pereira Beyond Brain Blobs: machine learning classifiers as instruments for analyzing fMRI data
08/12/06 NSH 1507 Jimeng Sun Incremental Pattern Discovery on Tensor Streams
02/02/07 NSH 1507 Nikos Hardavellas Database Servers on Chip Multiprocessors: Limitations and Opportunities
09/02/07 NSH 1507 Carol Frieze Culture and Environment as Determinants of Women's Participation in Computer Science
16/02/07 NSH 1507 Pratyusa K. Manadhata An Attack Surface Metric
23/03/07 NSH 1507 Yang Gu Tactic-Based Motion Modeling and Multi-Sensor Tracking
30/03/07 NSH 1507 Dan Wendlandt Surviving BGP Attacks: Don't Secure Routing, Secure Data Delivery
06/04/07 NSH 1507 Sean McLaughlin Proof Producing Algorithms
13/04/07 WeH 5409 Daniel Spoonhower Reasoning About the Performance of Parallel Programs
20/04/07 WeH 5409 Manfred Lau Animating Virtual Characters with Motion Planning Techniques
27/04/07 NSH 1507 Laura Hiatt Towards Probabilistic Plan Management
04/05/07 NSH 1507 Yan Karklin Encoding Probability Distributions in the Visual Cortex of the Brain
11/05/07 NSH 1507 Rebecca Hutchinson Hidden Process Models for Analyzing fMRI Data
07/09/07 NSH 1507 Elaine Shi Multi-Dimensional Range Query over Encrypted Data
28/09/07 NSH 1507 Manfred Lau Face Poser: Interactive Modeling of 3D Facial Expressions Using Model Priors
05/10/07 NSH 1507 Justin Weisz What Can YouTube Learn From Mystery Science Theatre 3000?
26/10/07 NSH 1507 Jeff Pang Making Local Service Discovery Confidential with Tryst
02/11/07 NSH 1507 Donna Malayeri Combining Structural Subtyping and External Dispatch
09/11/07 WeH 4623 Yong Lu Identifying Cycling Genes by Combining Sequence Homology and Expression Data
16/11/07 NSH 1507 Doru Balcan Characterization of Robust Linear Coding Solutions
30/11/07 NSH 1507 Nikos Hardavellas R-NUCA: Data Placement in a Distributed Shared Cache
07/12/07 NSH 1507 Ruy Ley-Wild Compiling Self-Adjusting Programs
18/01/08 Wean 4623 Ashwin Bharambe Distributed Arcthitectures for Online Multiplayer Games
22/02/08 NSH 1507 Nikos Hardavellas R-NUCA: Data Placement in a Distributed Shared Cache
29/02/08 NSH 1507 Yong Lu Identifying Cell Cycle Genes by Combining Sequence Data and Expression Data
21/03/08 NSH 1507 Kevin Killourhy Toward Realistic and Artifact-Free Insider-Threat Data
04/04/08 NSH 1507 Vyas Sekar cSamp: A System for Network-Wide Flow Monitoring
18/04/08 Wean 5409 Kami Vaniea An Empirical Study of a Smartphone-Based Access-Control System
25/04/08 NSH 1507 Jason Franklin Modeling and Analysis of Networked Secure Systems
02/05/08 NSH 1507 Terrill Frantz ORA: Software for Dynamic Network Analysis
09/05/08 Wean 4623 Robert J. Simmons Test The Program, Test The Abstraction, Make It Better, Prove It Right
19/09/08 Wean 5409 James McCann Real-Time Gradient-Domain Painting
26/09/08 Wean 5409 Bryant Lee Squigl: A game for detecting objects in images
10/10/08 Wean 5409 Noam Zeilberger Walking the way of duality (in programming)
17/10/08 Wean 5409 Dan Licata Tale of Two Consequence Relations
12/12/08 Wean 5409 Hetunandan Kamichetty GOBLIN: A graphical model approach to computing free energies of protein structures
06/02/09 Wean 5409 Steven Okamoto Network Design Problems for Outdoor Multi-Agent Systems
20/03/09 Wean 5409 Indrayana Rustandi Neurosemantic Representation of Concrete Nouns
10/04/09 Wean 5409 Fan Guo Click Chain Model in Web Search
24/04/09 Wean 5409 Terrill L. Frantz Structural Complexity and Organizational Post-Merger Integration
01/05/09 Wean 4625 Deepak Garg Protecting information with logic-based access control
08/05/09 Wean 5409 Xi Liu DIRC: Increasing Indoor Wireless Capacity Using Directional Antennas
11/09/09 GHC 4303 Terrill L. Frantz CEMAP: An Architecture and Specifications to Facilitate the Harvesting of Real-World Network Data
13/10/09 GHC 4303 Fan Guo BBM: Bayesian browsing model from petabyte-scale data
20/10/09 GHC 4303 Terrill L. Frantz Identifying Social Network Subgroups using ORA
23/10/09 GHC 4303 Indrayana Rustandi Integrating Multiple-Subject Multiple-Study fMRI Datasets Using Canonical Correlation Analysis
30/10/09 GHC 4303 Terrill L. Frantz Simulating Organizational Networks using Construct
06/11/09 GHC 4303 Jennifer Tam No Authorization Without Representation: Conveying the authority applications require users to grant as a condition of installation
17/11/09 GHC 4303 Stephanie Rosenthal Usability of Robots that Ask for Help
04/12/09 GHC 4303 Amar Phanishayee Ditto: Eavesdropping for the Common Good in Multi-hop Wireless Networks
11/12/09 GHC 4303 Indrayana Rustandi Improving Prediction of fMRI Data By Integrating Multiple Subjects and Studies
16/02/10 GHC 4303 Indrayana Rustandi Brain Activity Prediction: Cross-Subject Cross-Study Analysis to Improve Prediction
16/03/10 GHC 7501 Sean McLaughlin Intuitionistic Theorem Proving with the Polarized Inverse Method
23/03/10 GHC 6501 Indrayana Rustandi Brain Activity Prediction: Cross-Subject Cross-Study Analysis to Improve Prediction
26/03/10 GHC 4303 Kanat Tangwongsan Efficient Similarity Estimation for Systems Exploiting Data Redundancy
02/04/10 GHC 4303 Ben Towne The Open Source Policy Project
06/04/10 GHC 7501 Anthony Gitter Discovering Pathways by Orienting Edges in Protein Interaction Networks
20/04/10 GHC 7501 Will Klieber A Fast Solver for Quantified Boolean Formulas (QBF)
23/04/10 GHC 4303 Vijay Vasudevan FAWN: A Fast Array of Wimpy Nodes
27/04/10 GHC 7501 Terrill L. Frantz A Behavioral Theory of the Merger: Dynamics of the post-merger integration process
04/05/10 GHC 7501 Dafna Shahaf Connecting the Dots Between News Articles
28/09/10 GHC 8102 Pongsin Poosankam Input Generation via Decomposition and Re-Stitching: Finding Bugs in Malware
05/11/10 GHC 8102 Will Klieber A Fast Solver for Quantified Boolean Formulas (QBF)
16/11/10 GHC 8102 Seunghak Lee MoGUL: Detecting Common Insertions and Deletions in a Population
30/11/10 GHC 6115 Fan Guo Click Chain Model in Web Search
07/12/10 GHC 8102 Elie Krevat Applying Simple Performance Models to Understand Inefficiencies in Data-Intensive Computing
10/12/10 GHC 8102 Swapnil Patil GIGA+: File System Directories with Millions of Files
14/12/10 GHC 8102 Kyung-Ah Sohn Inferring genetic ancestry in admixed populations (CANCELED)
11/01/11 GHC 8102 Kyung-Ah Sohn Inferring genetic ancestry in admixed populations
01/03/11 GHC 8102 Matt Stanton Rational Model Reduction of Flexible Fluid Boundaries
05/04/11 GHC 8102 Ronit Slyper A Tongue-based Input Device for Creating Conversational Interactions
22/04/11 GHC 4303 Mehdi Samadi Answering How-to Questions using the Web
29/04/11 GHC 4303 Seunghak Lee MoGUL: Detecting Common Insertions and Deletions in a Population
03/05/11 GHC 7501 Brendan Meeder We Know Who You Followed Last Summer: Inferring Social Link Creation Times In Twitter
06/05/11 GHC 4303 Q Youn Hong Simulating Skin Deformation using the Musculoskeletal Structure
13/09/11 GHC 8102 Xin Zhang SCION: Scalable, Control, and Isolation on Next Generation Networks
04/10/11 GHC 8102 Q Youn Hong Simulating Skin Deformation with Musculoskeletal Structure
25/10/11 GHC 8102 Jeremiah Blocki Usable and Secure Password Management
22/11/11 GHC 8102 Wittawat Tantisiriroj On the Duality of Data-intensive File System Design: Reconciling HDFS and PVFS
29/11/11 GHC 8102 Iulian Moraru Exact Pattern Matching with Feed-Forward Bloom Filters
02/12/11 GHC 4303 Bin Fan Small Cache, Big Effect: Provable Load Balancing for Randomly Partitioned Cluster Services
06/12/11 GHC 8102 Ali Kemal Sinop Optimal Column-Based Low-Rank Matrix Reconstruction
09/12/11 GHC 2109 Nan Li Integrating Representation Learning and Skill Learning in a Human-Like Intelligent Agent
17/01/12 GHC 4303 Severin Hacker Duolingo
31/01/12 GHC 4303 B. Aditya Prakash Influence Propagation in Large Graphs
03/02/12 GHC 4303 Wittawat Tantisiriroj On the Duality of Data-intensive File System Design: Reconciling HDFS and PVFS
07/02/12 GHC 4303 Severin Hacker Duolingo
28/02/12 GHC 4303 Karl Naden A Type System for Borrowing Permissions
23/03/12 GHC 4303 Julian Shun Internally Deterministic Parallel Algorithms Can Be Fast
30/03/12 GHC 4303 Luke Zarko ConcertOS, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love x64
03/04/12 GHC 4303 Ligia Nistor Verifying Object-Oriented Code Using Object Propositions
27/04/12 GHC 4303 Ligia Nistor Verifying Object-Oriented Code Using Object Propositions
04/05/12 GHC 4303 Seunghak Lee Leveraging Input and Output Structures For Joint Mapping of Epistatic and Marginal eQTLs
11/05/12 GHC 4303 Elie Krevat Exploring an Automated Resource-efficient Approach to Meeting Service Deadlines
11/09/12 GHC 4405 Nan Li A Human-Like Intelligent Agent with Applications in Intelligent Tutoring
14/09/12 GHC 4303 Ligia Nistor Object Propositions
05/10/12 GHC 4303 Bin Fu Exact and Approximate Computation of a Histogram of Pairwise Distances between Astronomical Objects
26/10/12 GHC 4303 Erik Zawadzki A Generalization of SAT and #SAT for Probabilistic Inference and Verification
27/11/12 GHC 4405 Wolfgang Richter Y-ray: Scalable Real-Time Extraction of File Updates from VMs
30/11/12 GHC 4303 Anshul Gandhi SOFTScale: Stealing Opportunistically For Transient Scaling
04/12/12 GHC 4405 Lin Xiao Scaling Metadata Management in Hadoop Distributed File System
07/12/12 GHC 4303 Luke Zarko Relaxed Memory Models and the Steel Programming Language
01/03/13 GHC 4303 Shivanshu Singh Testing in the World of Plug-In Based Systems
09/04/13 GHC 6501 Gabriel Weisz C-to-CoRAM: Compiling Perfect Loop Nests to the Portable CoRAM
16/04/13 GHC 6501 Vivek Seshadri "Why is DRAM so slow?"
23/04/13 GHC 6501 Henry DeYoung Linear Logical Voting Protocols
26/04/13 GHC 4303 Athula Balachandran Developing a Predictive Model of Quality of Experience for Internet Video
30/04/13 GHC 6501 Aapo Kyrola GraphChi: Large-Scale Graph Computation on Just a PC
07/05/13 GHC 6501 Fatima Al-Raisi Natural Language Understanding Using Knowledge and Construction Grammars
10/05/13 GHC 7501 Danai Koutra Unifying Guilt-by-Association Approaches: Theorems and Fast Algorithms
19/11/13 GHC 6501 John F. Porter A Reliability Analysis Technique for Estimating Sequentially Coordinated Multirobot Mission Performance
03/12/13 GHC 6501 Ekaterina Taralova Structured Models for Videos
06/12/13 GHC 4303 Cyrus Omar Safely-Composable Type-Specific Languages
10/12/13 GHC 6501 Seunghak Lee Detecting associations between genetic variants and output traits using prior biological knowledge
07/03/14 GHC 4303 Yuan Zhou Understanding the Power of Convex Relaxation Hierarchies: Effectiveness and Limitations
21/03/14 GHC 4303 Kuen-Bang Hou (Favonia) Logic Programming with Temporality, Names and List Comprehension
25/03/14 GHC 4303 Salil Joshi Separation Logic with Heap Predicates
28/03/14 GHC 4303 Seunghak Lee Detecting associations between genetic variants and output traits using prior biological knowledge
08/04/14 GHC 4303 Ghita Mezzour Assessing the Global Cyber and Bio Threat
22/04/14 GHC 4303 Arbob Ahmad Reasoning about Declassification in Epistemic Logic
06/05/14 GHC 4303 Seunghak Lee Scheduling and Partitioning Big Models for Parallel Machine Learning
03/10/14 GHC 4303 Arbob Ahmad Declassification and Authorization in Epistemic Logic
27/10/14 GHC 7101 Flavio Cruz Forward-Chaining Linear Logic Programming for Parallel Programming Over Graph Structures
04/11/14 GHC 6501 Sarah Loos Formal Verification of Distributed Aircraft Controllers
07/11/14 GHC 4303 Yoshihisa Abe vTube: Efficient Streaming of Virtual Appliances over Wide Area Networks
11/11/14 GHC 6501 Akshay Krishnamurthy Adaptive Sampling with Matrices
14/11/14 GHC 4303 Timothy Zhu PriorityMeister: Tail Latency QoS for Shared Networked Storage
21/11/14 GHC 4303 Lin Xiao ShardFS: Sharded Files with Replicated Directories
24/11/14 GHC 6501 Yong He Extending the Graphics Pipeline with Adaptive, Multi-rate Shading
02/12/14 GHC 6501 Kuen-Bang Hou (Favonia) Logic Programming for Social Networking Sites
05/12/14 GHC 4303 Hyeontaek Lim MICA: A Holistic Approach to Fast In-Memory Key-Value Storage
08/12/14 GHC 7101 Yair Movshovitz-Attias Utilizing Real World Knowledge for Fine Grained Estimation Tasks
12/12/14 GHC 4303 Danny Zhu Event-based Automated Refereeing of a Robot Game
23/02/15 GHC 6501 Se-Joon Chung Quadratic Encoding for Hand Pose Reconstruction from Multi-Touch Input
16/03/15 GHC 6501 David Naylor Source Addresses: Can't Live with Them, Can't Live without Them
20/03/15 GHC 6501 John Dickerson FutureMatch: Combining Human Value Judgments and Machine Learning to Match in Dynamic Environments
30/03/15 GHC 6501 Dana Movshovitz-Attias KB-LDA: Jointly Learning a Knowledge Base of Hierarchy, Relations, and Facts
03/04/15 GHC 6501 Vagelis Papalexakis Efficient and Effective Brain Activity Mining and Modeling
06/04/15 GHC 6501 Pengtao Xie Incorporating Word Correlation Knowledge into Topic Modeling
08/04/15 GHC 8102 Alex Beutel ACCAMS: Additive Co-Clustering to Approximate Matrices Succinctly
13/04/15 GHC 6501 Matt Mukerjee Practical, Real-time Centralized Control for Live Video Delivery
17/04/15 GHC 6501 Miguel Araujo Beyond-Block communities: algorithms and discoveries
20/04/15 GHC 6501 Nicolas Feltman Automatically Splitting a Staged Lambda Calculus
24/04/15 GHC 6501 Stefan Muller Bridging Theory and Practice in Writing Interactive Programs
27/04/15 GHC 6501 Deborah Katz Predicting Buggy versus Fixed Programs Using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation
01/05/15 GHC 6501 Joseph Tassarotti Validating Semantics for Weak Memory by Verifying Programs
04/05/15 GHC 6501 Michael Sullivan RMC: A New Approach for Programming Relaxed Memory Concurrency
11/09/15 GHC 6501 Yan Gu Sorting with Asymmetric Read and Write Costs
18/09/15 GHC 4303 Ankush Das Termination of Initialized Linear Loop Programs
21/09/15 GHC 6501 Jesse Dunietz Annotating and Automatically Tagging Constructions of Causation
02/10/15 GHC 6501 Samantha Gottlieb Scheduling Black-box Mutational Fuzzing
05/10/15 GHC 6501 Waleed Ammar Towards a language-universal syntactic parser
09/10/15 GHC 6501 Thomas Tauber-Marshall ThomasDB: Automatic Incremental Computation for Big Data
16/10/15 GHC 6501 Vittorio Perera Simple And Complex Natural Language Commands For A Mobile Service Robot
20/11/15 GHC 6501 Ashiqur Rahman Khudabukhsh Building Effective Query Classifiers: A Case Study in Self-harm Intent Detection
30/11/15 GHC 8102 Jin Kyu Kim STRADS: Parallelizing ML over Model Parameters
04/12/15 GHC 4303 Shiva Kaul New classifiers for noisy data
07/12/15 GHC 6501 Zhaohan (Daniel) Guo Concurrent PAC RL
01/02/16 GHC 6501 Shen Chen Xu Parallel and Distributed Graph Decomposition with application to Spanners
25/03/16 GHC 6501 John Wright How to learn a quantum state
18/04/16 GHC 6501 Junchen Jiang CFA: A Practical Prediction System for Video QoE Optimization
22/04/16 GHC 6501 Hannah Gommerstadt Monitoring and Blame Assignment for Higher-Order Session Types
25/04/16 GHC 6501 Ameya Velingker Bridging the Capacity Gap Between Interactive and One-Way Communication
02/05/16 GHC 2109 Aram Ebtekar A General Framework for Frontier-Based Approximate Shortest Paths
06/05/16 GHC 6501 Logan Brooks Forecasting Seasonal Epidemics of Influenza with an Ensemble of Customized Statistical Methods
09/05/16 GHC 6501 Yixin Luo Data Retention in Flash-Based SSDs
26/09/16 GHC 6501 Zhou Yu Engagement in Interactive Multimodal Conversational System
03/10/16 GHC 6501 Kuen-Bang Hou (Favonia) A Mechanization of the Blakers-Massey Connectivity Theorem in Homotopy Type Theory
10/10/16 GHC 6501 Yuzuko Nakamura Factors affecting bimanual grasping
14/10/16 GHC 4303 Mu Li MXNet: Flexible Deep Learning Framework from Distributed GPU Clouds to Embedded Systems
17/10/16 GHC 6501 Tanmay Shankar Reinforcement Learning via Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks
14/11/16 GHC 6501 Wennie Tabib Active Exploration in 3D-rich Planetary Environments
21/11/16 GHC 6501 Alejandro Carbonara A Game Theoretic Treatment of Peer Grading in MOOCs
05/12/16 GHC 6501 Sarah R. Allen Incremental Voronoi Diagrams
09/12/16 GHC 4303 Yihan Sun Just Join for Parallel Ordered Sets
03/02/17 GHC 6501 Mu Li MXNet: Flexible Deep Learning Framework from Distributed GPU Clouds to Embedded Systems
24/03/17 GHC 6501 Neil Shah FLOCK: Combating Astroturfing on Livestreaming Platforms
15/09/17 GHC 6501 Ram Raghunathan Hierarchical Memory Management for Parallel Programs
10/11/17 GHC 6501 Qing Zheng Light-weight In-situ Analysis with Frugal Resource Usage
17/11/17 GHC 6501 Rui Silva Plan improvement by reasoning about unmodeled degrees of freedom of the world
20/11/17 GHC 6501 Zichao Yang Reference-Aware Language Models
27/11/17 GHC 6501 Ankush Das ML for ML: Learning Cost Semantics by Experiment
01/12/17 GHC 6501 Dana Van Aken Automatic Database Management System Tuning Through Large-scale Machine Learning
04/12/17 GHC 6501 Hongyi Xin Improving DNA read mapping with error-resilient seeds
11/12/17 GHC 6501 Joao Martins Belief-Aware Cyber Physical Systems
26/03/18 GHC 6501 Brandon Bohrer CoasterX: A Case Study in Component-Driven Hybrid Systems Proof Automation
06/04/18 GHC 6501 Kijung Shin Why You Should Charge Your Friends for Borrowing Your Stuff
16/04/18 GHC 6501 Charles McGuffey Designing Algorithms to Tolerate Processor Faults
20/04/18 GHC 6501 Calvin McCarter [CANCELED] Learning a Gene Network underlying Clinical Phenotypes under Genome-wide SNP Perturbations
23/04/18 GHC 6501 Carlo Angiuli Computing with Univalence in Cartesian Cubical Type Theory
27/04/18 GHC 6501 Qing Zheng Light-Weight In-Situ Indexing For Scientific Workloads
30/04/18 GHC 6501 Eric Lei [CANCELED] Learning Mixtures of Multi-Output Regression Models By Correlation Clustering for Multi-View Data
04/05/18 GHC 6501 Yimeng Zhang Convolutional Neural Network Models of V1 Responses to Complex Patterns
07/05/18 GHC 6501 Han Zhao Multiple Source Domain Adaptation with Adversarial Learning
11/05/18 GHC 6501 Amirbehshad Shahrasbi Synchronization Strings: Communication in the Presence of Insertions and Deletions
31/08/18 GHC 8102 Hongyang Zhang New Paradigms and Global Optimality in Non-Convex Optimization
02/11/18 GHC 6501 Calvin McCarter Learning Gene Networks Underlying Clinical Phenotypes Using SNP Perturbations
09/11/18 NSH 3002 Evan Shimizu Exploratory Stage Lighting Design using Visual Objectives
12/11/18 GHC 6501 Steven Osman How AI Has Learned to Play Atari Games
16/11/18 GHC 8102 Conglong Li Workload Analysis and Caching Strategies for Search Advertising Systems
30/11/18 GHC 6501 Lin Ma The Brain of Databases: Forecasting, Modeling, and Planning for Self-Driving Database Management Systems
03/12/18 GHC 6501 Junjue Wang Bandwidth-efficient Live Video Analytics for Drones via Edge Computing
10/12/18 GHC 6501 Huanchen Zhang SuRF: Practical Range Query Filtering with Fast Succinct Tries
08/02/19 GHC 6501 Ziqiang Feng Edge-based Discovery of Training Data for Machine Learning
22/03/19 GHC 6501 Tiancheng Zhi Multispectral Imaging for Fine-Grained Recognition of Powders on Complex Backgrounds
12/04/19 GHC 6501 Yanzhe Yang Motion Synthesis of Conversations for Background Characters
15/04/19 GHC 6501 Daehyeok Kim HyperLoop: NIC-Offloading for Faster Transactions in Multi-tenant Storage Systems
29/04/19 GHC 6501 Jay Yoon Lee Gradient-based Inference for Networks with Output Constraints
03/05/19 NSH 3305 Anuj Kalia Software-optimized Systems in the Era of Hardware Specialization
06/05/19 GHC 6501 Vidya Narayanan 3D Machine Knitting
10/05/19 GHC 6501 Abutalib Aghayev Evolving Ext4 for Shingled Disks
25/10/19 GHC 6501 Nicolas Resch LDPC Codes Achieve List-Decoding Capacity
28/10/19 GHC 6501 Laxman Dhulipala Processing Massive Static and Evolving Graphs
18/11/19 GHC 6501 Jason Yang C2DN: How to Code on the Edge for Content Delivery Network
25/11/19 GHC 6501 Tianlong Yu RADIO: A Robust Behavioral Anomaly Detection for IoT Devices in Enterprise Networks
06/12/19 GHC 6501 Jack Kosaian Parity Models: Erasure-Coded Resilience for Prediction Serving Systems
09/12/19 GHC 6115 Ryan Kavanagh A Domain Semantics for Higher-Order Recursive Processes

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