Email: qingzhen+cs AT andrew.cmu.edu
Office: CIC 2313K
Carnegie Mellon University
I am a near-final Computer Science Ph.D. student advised by Garth Gibson and George Amvrosiadis. My research focuses on distributed filesystems. My recent work includes Indexed Massive Directories, DeltaFS, and BatchFS.

Indexed Massive Directories

  • Quickly absorb 1 trillion files while simultaneously allowing each of them to be read efficiently. How to transform a filesystem directory to a record-breaking hero for national lab scientists (please see our DeltaFS IMD paper for details)

Scalable Filesystem Metadata Designs

  • No more false sharing: filesystems scale better with no dedicated metadata servers (please see our DeltaFS paper for details)
  • Orders of magnitude faster than the state-of-the-art: redesigning filesystems with 1) client-funded metadata servers, 2) aggressive client-side metadata buffering, and 3) self-provable metadata mutation logs (please see our BatchFS paper for details)
  • Distributed filesystem metadata made better with 1) column-based metadata representation, 2) efficient client-side metadata caching, and 3) fast metadata bulk insertion (please see our IndexFS paper for details)
  • Scalable namespace partitioning with efficient pathname lookups: will server-side replication outperform client-side caching? (please see our ShardFS paper for details)

Cloud Object Storage