Office: GHC 6505
Email: zhengq@cs.cmu.edu
I am a 3rd-year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. I am working with Prof. Garth Gibson on optimizing big-scale file system metadata for high-end computing. See our collabration with Los Alamos National Lab on BatchFS and DeltaFS (or BatchFS++). Our IndexFS paper has won Best Paper Award at Supercomputing Conference (SC) 2014.

file system for exascale HPC

  • Exascale file systems scale much better without dedicated metadata servers or global namespaces. (please see our DeltaFS paper for details)
  • Exploring HPC's unique metadata usage pattern to redesign the file system with a relaxed consistency model featuring client-funded metadata processing agents, optimisitc concurrency control, and self-provable metadata representation that enables efficient metadata execution and bulk insertion. (please see our BatchFS paper for details)

file system for scale-out data serving

  • Enhancing file system metadata scalability and efficiency with optimization techniques including table-based metadata representation, storm-free client-side metadata caching, and coordinated metadata bulk insertion. (please see our IndexFS paper for details)
  • Introducing a novel namespace weak-scaling mechanism that uses replication to improve performance with interesting tradeoffs between alternative partitioning strategies. (please see our ShardFS paper for details)

Qing Zheng