Bin Fu

After six years' study, finally got my Ph.D. in Department of Computer Science, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. I'm joining Google NYC in September, 2013.

Working with Eugene Fink and Jaime Carbonell.

Latest paper on KDD'13.

Working on large-scale astronomical applications. Thesis-related publication:

IASDS'12: Indexing and fast-matching of large-scale astronomical objects

AstroHPC'12: A survey (and a new prospective) to the Correlation Function problem

SSDBM'11: Techniques to analyze Blackhole merge trees

HPDC'10 : A parallel (Hadoop) implementation on the Friends-of-Friends problem

Old conference papers about the analysis of uncertain data, at SMC'08 and SMC'09 I, II, talk.