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Hi. I'm Juncheng (Jason) Yang.

I am a Ph.D. student working on Computer Systems at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously I obtained my master degree from Emory University working with Prof. Ymir Vigfusson on smart cache. Before this, I obtained my bachelor degree from Nanjing University.
My current research interests are building efficient and reliable computer systems.

Contact: juncheny ^ cs.cmu.edu,        [ CV        google scholar        GitHub ]

Born in China, Live @ Pittsburgh. Here's all the stuff I do.

Computer Science, Chemistry and Photography.

Computer Science

My main research interests are systems, focusing on how to build efficient and reliable systems. Besides, my general interests spans from databases, blockchain to machine learning.


I like travelling and taking photos. I have been to China, US, Iceland, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, France. I am excited to explore more places. Check Here for some of my photos.


Chemistry was my bachelor major. Studying Chemistry gives me a chance to better understand the microscopic version of the world, the society and my life.

Here’s some work I have been focused on recently.

My current focus is on computer systems, especially caching and databases.

see here for complete list of publications.

Skyline Diagram

Proposed Skyline Diagram for efficient skyline query.
ICDE'18 Paris, France


Balancing database cost and latency in the cloud.


A history-based prefetching layer for proactive caching.
SoCC'17 Santa Clara


Enabling elasticity in storage system.
SYSTOR'16 (Best Student Paper)

Other Projects


A cache trace analysis platform, give you insighs about your cache traces.

Reference Finder

Gathering information about reference in research paper for you.

Atlanta Explorer

Extracting information for building historical 3D Atlanta model.

I have several hobbies, except talking :( but I am improving :).

Programming, Photography, Traveling, Eating and Cooking, Badminton, Playing Cards.


Photography and Traveling


Eating and Cooking

Board Game

Next? Flying!