I am advised by the following unordered pair: {Geoff Gordon, André Platzer}. Currents interests are:

  • complementarity problems
  • convex optimization and analysis
  • planning and MDPs
  • learning theory and machine learning
  • probabilistic inference
I am currently working on methods for incorporating function approximation into solution methods for a broad class of linear complementarity problems. These complementarity problems are strongly connected to the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions for linear and quadratic programs, but are more general. Applications include approximating Markov decision processes and approximating support vector machines. Approximate solution methods include projected-gradient descent, proximal methods, and interior point methods.

I am a member of the Logical Systems Lab and the SELECT Lab. I have also been helping a CMU/JHU APL team out with verifying the FAA's new Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS X), which is based on an MDP.


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University (2008 - )
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia; advised by Kevin Leyton-Brown (2007 - 2008)
  • EPIC Intern, IBM Toronto (2004 - 2005)
  • B.Sc. Honours in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia (2001 - 2006)


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Graduate coursework



  • NSERC PGS M (2007-2008)
  • UBC Undergraduate Scholarship Program (2001-2006)