Course Information

Instructor: Gary Miller (Office Hours: Tuesday 11-12AM , Thursday 2-3PM)
Place/Time: GHC 4215, MWF 1:30 - 2:50pm.
Teaching Assistants:
  • Richard Peng (Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday 3:00-4:30pm in GHC 7713)
  • Aaron Roth (Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 10:00-11:00am in GHC 7217)
Course Secretary: Cleah Schlueter, GHC 4113
Official Course Blog:
Announcing the Official Course Blog! Future announcements, homework hints and clarifications, etc. will be posted on the course blog. We encourge you to participate in this blog.

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  • The marked finals are in Gary's office, GHC 8109.
  • The finals review session will be in GHC 4405 at 8pm on May 4th.
  • Practice finals: (PDF) and (PDF) .
  • Practice problems for final review session (PDF) and solution(PDF) .
  • Homework 6 solutions posted (PDF).
  • Gary Miller's office hours on Thursday April 29 will be from 5:30-6:30.
  • Homework 5 solutions posted (PDF).
  • Homework 6 is out (PDF).
  • Homework four solutions posted (PDF).
  • Midterm solutions, score distribution and grading guidelines now available (PDF).
  • Homework 5 is out (PDF).
  • Homework 4 is now due on Wednesday March 31.
  • The take home midterm is now available (PDF).
  • Homework three solutions posted (PDF).
  • Practice midterm (PDF) and solution(PDF) .
  • Practice problems from review session (PDF) and solution(PDF) .
  • Homework four is out (PDF).
  • Homework two solutions posted (PDF).
  • Homework three is out (PDF).
  • Gary Miller will be 30 minutes late for office hours on Thursday Feb 18. They will be from 2:30-3:30.
  • Please check the new schedule for the dates of the midterm and final. Per our discuss in class on February 15 there will be only one midterm on March 22. Also see the new policy page on grading.
  • Gary Miller will not hold office hours on Thursday Feb 11
  • No Class Wednesday Feburary 10, Snow Day
  • Homework one solutions posted (PDF).
  • No Class Monday Feburary 8, Snow Day
  • Homework two is out (PDF).
  • Homework zero solutions posted (PDF).
  • Homework one is out (PDF).
  • Homework zero is out (PDF).
  • Welcome to 15-750 Graduate Algorithms. Please take a minute to review the course policies.