Aapo Kyrölä

Aapo Kyrola

Email: akyrola ---- at ---- cs.cmu.edu
Mobile: 1-412-877-7378
Office: Currently visiting University of Washington (room 318)

I am a Ph.D. student (since 2009) at the CMU Computer Science Department. My advisors are Carlos Guestin and Guy Blelloch.

My CV. Company I co-founded back in year 2000: Sulake Corporation.

All CS students should learn to play Go! I am 2 kyu in Finland, US ranking is yet open. There is Go meeting every Wednesday 6.30pm in the University Center by Pittsburgh Go association. I am happy to play or teach Go to anyone interested. On KGS server I play (not much) with nick kyrpoff.



Publications (preprint)

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I was Teaching Assistant on class 15-210: Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms.

I gave a lecture on William Cohen's class Machine Learning with Large Datasets about Large-Scale Graph Computing: Slides.


Links: Linkedin   Moves app for automatic exercise tracking.