Kuen-Bang Hou (Favonia)



I am a postdoc in Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon, currently working on higher-dimensional types and random topics in programming language theory under the supervision of Robert Harper.


How to Cite My Name in Your LaTeX Papers

I found Kuen-Bang {Hou (Favonia)} works best in LaTeX, BibTeX and Biber.

Current Research

  1. Higher-dimensional types

What if types are equipped with a hierarchy of relationships on top of their elements? I think they can facilitate mechanization of many things! See my thesis and our codebase for my experiments in homotopy theory.

  1. Syntactical logical relations

These logical relations pave the way to reason about programming languages directly through their operational semantics.





My names in everyday life are the sequences f-a-v-o-n-i-a and 西-. My governmental name is Kuen-Bang Hou. I go by Kuen-Bang Hou (Favonia) in academics.

The meaning of my everyday names is west wind. You are welcome to pronounce them in any reasonable language, dialect or accent. You can also transliterate them into any reasonable writing system. Please share with me your pronunciation and/or transcription!


I prefer singular they but people often choose he because of my perceived gender.

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