About Me

I am a 5th year PhD Student at Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor is Emma Brunskill. My interest is in machine learning, specifically reinforcement learning.

My CV.

Academic History

PhD Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, 2013-now

Bachelor of Science at University of Toronto, 2009-2013


  • [2017] Using Options and Covariance Testing for Long Horizon Off-Policy Policy Evaluation. Zhaohan Daniel Guo, Philip S. Thomas, and Emma Brunskill. NIPS 2017. (PDF)
  • [2016] A PAC RL Algorithm for Episodic POMDPs. Zhaohan Daniel Guo, Shayan Doroudi, and Emma Brunskill. AISTATS 2016. (ARXIV)
  • [2016] PAC Continuous State Online Multitask Reinforcement Learning with Identification. Yao Liu, Zhaohan Daniel Guo, Emma Brunskill. AAMAS 2016. (PDF)
  • [2015] Concurrent PAC RL. Zhaohan Guo and Emma Brunskill. AAAI 2015. (PDF)
  • [2014] Joint Semantic Utterance Classification and Slot Filling with Recursive Neural Networks. Zhaohan Daniel Guo, Gokhan Tur, Wen-Tau Yih, Geoffrey Zweig. Spoken Language Technology Workshop (SLT) 2014. (PDF)


Email: zguo at cs dot cmu dot edu