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  • AVTS software and Win98, robert
  • loading an election from disk (AVTS), Tari Runyan
  • RE: Port Server II setup, Ken Clark
  • AVTS - Diagnostics & Installation, Jeff Hintz
  • MDAC migration dll for Windows 98, Ken Clark
  • Virus on McKinney Email attachments, Steve Knecht
  • Word, Steve Knecht
  • RE: AVTS 3.7.1, Ken Clark
  • uploading AVTS, Tari Runyan
  • FW: Accu-Vote Question, John McLaurin
  • Jet vs. Access, Steve Knecht
  • AccuVote TS - Install Checklist, Steve Knecht
  • AccuVote-TS Modem Speed, Steve Knecht
  • Is there anybody out there?, Ian S. Piper
  • Uploading on a fax line at the central office, Ian S. Piper
  • new email address, John McLaurin
  • How stable is AV1.94w/1.94f! ?, Guy Lancaster
  • 32 k Memory Cards, Greg Forsythe
  • Shelby County, TN, Jeff Hintz
  • Election ID, Greg Forsythe
  • computer directory configuration and naming, Tari Runyan
  • RE: upgrading AVTS software, Jeff Hintz
  • Ian's away, so the mice can play., Ian S. Piper
  • Vacation Time, Jeff Hintz
  • RE: TS blank and under votes, Ken Clark

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