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RE: upgrading AVTS software

> But, what it sounds like is that if you remove 1.1.3 from units
> but not the
> shared files. Then install MDAC, followed by installing latest
> AVTSIS, that
> should do it for at least the ones out in EL Paso County. Do you agree?

The only question is about removing the shared files.  It *should* be okay
to remove them.  If it is not okay, then we need to know why.  Jeff suggests
a DAO file disappears, but that is odd since the subsequent MDAC install
should put it back.  We will know more once we know the behaviour of an
install on a clean machine (no 1.1.x).

> If we can get 3.X Install with a famous name or any test election
> for me to
> include on the master Hard Drive then that is what we will use.

Shortly the election will exist on the hard drive as secondary storage
anyway, so this will be moot.  We will put up a floppy image for a sample
election on the FTP site when Whitman has finished this work.