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RE: upgrading AVTS software


All 100 units for El Paso County , Colorado was shipped with Windows 98 CD
ROM.  Al necessary drivers for hardware, i.e.., Monitor ,Touch, And
Ethernet), are placed in a folder on the C: drive.

But, what it sounds like is that if you remove 1.1.3 from units but not the
shared files. Then install MDAC, followed by installing latest AVTSIS, that
should do it for at least the ones out in EL Paso County. Do you agree?

The reason we needed to install 1.1.3 was because that was the only version
we had a Famous name election to test hardware with.

If we can get 3.X Install with a famous name or any test election for me to
include on the master Hard Drive then that is what we will use. Again it may
be a good idea for you to test the install before we commit it to hard disk
master for production.

PS. The keyboard sequence to by-pass license setup is "Ctrl, Shift, F3", all
at the same time. Then agree to license, then it will boot up normal with
two windows . One a text file that you can close after reading, another as a
shutdown audit screen.  Leave this one open and do what you need to do on
the system. if you need to reboot to check out your changes or setup, select
(on the Audit window) an audit reboot. You will probably not have to enter
the keyboard sequence again. Then when you are completely done select the
shutdown option on the Audit window. After this, the next time you power up
the system, it will ask you to put in the license number. If you make a
mistake just enter keyboard sequence again to go back into audit.

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> Subject: RE: upgrading AVTS software
> Unfortunately, I do not have the disks to be able to fdisk the
> hard drive and reinstall Win98 and the other drivers for the
> touch screen.  However, with the machines out in El Paso,
> Colorado, they had installed on them Win98 and Version 1.1.  I
> uninstalled Version 1.1 and all shared files, then loaded MDAC
> and AVTSIS and when I ran Ballot Station, it gave me a Fatal
> Error.  When I looked up the error, it said that some DAO file
> was missing.  That is when I installed Version 1.1 again, and
> uninstalled again, but did not uninstall shared files.  Then ran
> Ballot Station and it worked.  If someone gives me the disks, I
> would be glad to help with the testing of the install package.
> Since this is one of the things that I did at I-Mark.
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> Sent:	Monday, July 26, 1999 10:27 AM
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> Subject:	RE: upgrading AVTS software
> > Also, we need to find out which files are missing from the AVTSIS
> > install, so we do not have to install Version 1.1 to get those
> > missing files.
> What are the symptoms if you:
> (0)	fdisk the hard drive
> (1)	install Win98 (or 95 for that matter)
> (2)	install MDAC
> (3)	install AVTSIS
> (4)	run Ballot Station or whatever
> Ken