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Ian's away, so the mice can play.

Hi Everyone:
Just a note to all that I will be away from the McKinney office from August 5 to August 16.  Sorry to have to miss the national sales meeting (I did so want to have a little chat with you all).
I'm still waiting for some responses from certain people on some outstanding issues.  If I've left you a message or email and we haven't connected, please respond as quickly as possible so I have time to clear up those issues or instruct others.
I will be carrying a cell phone with me in case of extreme emergency but you will most likely find the answers to your questions from the following friendly Global folks (who usually provide me with the answers):
Work Order Generation:    Lisa Pettway        x123
Shipping/WO Status:        Ann Rawlins         x119
Purchasing/Receiving:       Bill Ricke             x115
Hardware Support/
    Service:                       Steve Ricke          x114
Field Shippers/
   Quality Control/
      Product Location:       Barney Lucas       x126
Policy Decisions:              Larry Ensminger   x104
Part Pricing:                     The clear blue sky x$$$
Relative Good Cheer
   & Optimism:                  Howard Van Pelt   x102