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Shelby County, TN

Hi All,

To help inform everyone on what I have sent to Mickey Martin about Shelby County, TN.  I believe that Mickey has set up a conference call on Friday for those of us that will be involved with this.  I am not sure exactly what the dates are, we will have to verify with Mickey on Friday, but I believe that the election is the first week of October and they need paper ballots around the first week of September.

Here is the e-mail that I sent to him.

Hi Mickey,

Here are the two choices we have for Shelby, TN.  In either case, we need the R&D department to help us.

1) We need to check with R&D and see if they will be finished with the outstanding issues in the latest software version for AccuVote-TS before Shelby, TN starts their election.  These include - able to report Write-Ins from Gems and able to add Challenge voters from Gems.  I believe that Write-Ins is the only real issue for Shelby.  Mickey is there anything else that you can think of, that Gems would not be able to handle??  Also, the big issue with going with the latest AccuVote-TS version, is that it is not certified.  There are substantial differences between the old version and the newest version, that will be noticed.

2) Otherwise, we can check with R&D to see if they can add a ASCII export file into the old I-Mark ERM software, that will match with Gems.  This way we can basically do the election exactly as last year, only we will be adding the export file from the I-Mark software into Gems, rather than adding the export file from Gems into the software created by Paul Dunhill.

In either case, we need to get a answer from R&D, along with a date, as to if and when they can do one of these choices.  If someone from R&D needs me to write up a RCR for choice number 2, let me know, and I will do so.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems