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Re: AccuVote TS - Install Checklist

Here's the install list:
GEMS server computer
GEMS 1.11.2 or later
TSText 1.11.1 or later
AccuVote TS (on each unit)
AVTSIS 3.8.1 or later
If you are upgrading a AccuVote TS with an existing version AVTSIS (install shield version), i.e. AVTSIS 3.7.1 to AVTS 3.8.1 then you need the following:
AVTS 3.8.1
unzip the following files to the following directories:
  - Poll book.exe c:\program files\global election systems\accuvote-ts\poll book\
  - Ballot station.exe c:\c:\program files\global election systems\accuvote ts\poll book\
  - Audit viewer.exe c:\c:\program files\global election systems\accuvote ts\audit viewer\
  - all dll files to c:\windows\system\ or c:\win95\system
AVTS Template 3.8.1
unzip both files to the following directory:
c:\program files\global election systems\accuvote ts\
Whitman and Ken make specific mention on their release notes (emails) as to which version of GEMS and which version of AVTS software work together. 
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Sent: Thursday, July 08, 1999 1:38 PM
Subject: AccuVote TS - Install Checklist

Does anyone have an installation checklist (handwritten is OK) that you can email or fax me.  Frank and I are working on a large proposal and I need to put together a project plan and acceptance test plan asap.  Could you please email or fax any installation materials that describe lists of things that you have to do to install an AccuVote-TS account.