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Re: AVTS software and Win98

Please do not take this out of context. I was responding to who I believed was Rob and to the statement that Vancouver had some confusion of which version of 98 was being used. Since I was the only one making the Master hard drive that was used to copy all the disks that were sent to Colorado, then I presumed that the statement of confusion should be cleared by asking the only person that was doing the work of placing the questioned Windows 98 version onto the new Accuvote-TS units.
I agree with you that this is a lot to do about nothing. But I am still seance via Email some type of search to place guilt for this problem.  I feel that this has been just our standard operating procedure even before this new team got involved with the IMark software product development. Product should not be shipped to customers without fully testing the proper Operations Software and its corresponding Database.  But we tend to do this all the time and try to finish it out in the presence of our customers... 
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If Vancouver has confusion it will be primarily that they have just not asked any questions...
Hmph.  I am sure they'll call if they have any questions for you Juan.
In the mean time, I don't think any of this is going to be a big deal.  Just instll MDAC 2.1 off the ftp site.  At the very worst, we will ship MDAC with AVTS just like GEMS.