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MDAC migration dll for Windows 98

I wanted to keep this topic separate from the AVTS 1.3.7 announcement in a (possibly vain) attempt to not confuse.
If you *upgrade* Windows 95 or the first release to Windows 98 to some newer OSR of Windows 98, before the upgrade you will also need to install a "migration DLL" to prevent the upgrade from clobering your MDAC.  The migration dll is not needed when upgrading to Windows 2000 or Windows NT.  Although the readme file doesn't mention it, I assume re-installing MDAC after the upgrade would also do the trick. 
Now, there is no reason to stress about this.  I can't imagine why anyone would upgrade their AccuVote-TS' operating system in the field, but I wanted to make everyone aware of the issue in the event it does come up.  When MDAC ships from the factory, it will include this migration dll, so eventually this will all be moot.
The migration dll zip file now in the ATFix directory for people who want to play.  It includes a readme file with directions on what to do with it.