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RE: Jet vs. Access

Could someone please describe the difference between ACCESS and JET and how we use each of them?
Access is a database development environment from Microsoft.  Programs written using MS-Access typically use the Jet database engine to execute database queries. 
GEMS is not written using MS-Access;  rather, we communicate with the Jet database engine using a interface called ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).  ODBC can be used to communicate with any SQL compliant database engine, including but not limited to the Jet engine. 
People often refer to jet database files (.mdb) as "Access files" because of the tight relationship between the two.
   Does our Cyrstal Reports layer access Access or JET or both or what?  Thanks.
Neither.  Crystal communicates using ODBC, just like GEMS.  Were we to support MS-SQL Server, or Oracle, or whatever, Crystal would also use ODBC to access the database.
This was a good question, and people are often confused by all this.  Please be sure to follow up if I wasn't clear with any of the above explaination.