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RE: upgrading AVTS software

> What will be the procedure to upgrade
> these units out in the field??  Will we be using another AVTSIS
> that will do it, or as Whitman suggest a batch file that will
> install the upgraded components only??

This is where I am confused by Rob's question and Whitman's response as
well.  The correct proceedure for upgrading units in the field ought to be
to insert the AVTSIS disk and double-click "setup", just like GEMS.  I don't
see what a batch file buys us.  Furthermore, upgrading is sometimes more
complicated than just copying files -- registry entries change for example.

There might be some argument to an "incremental" upgrade to save download
time, but the template file is the bulk of the package anyway (ignoring
MDAC).  Also, there are two cases:  1 machine and 300 machines.  With 300
machines you will want a full install disk anyway.  With one machine it
doesn't much matter how you upgrade.