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RE: AVTS software and Win98

> The new AVTS machines which ship with win98 need Whitman's new
> installation
> program AVTSIS 3-6-1, as well as the mdac_type.exe service pack on the ftp
> site in order to work.  Otherwise the AVTS cannot download an
> election from
> Whitman, the 8MB mdac installation seems overkill are we able to isolate
> which files actually do something?

Whit is not in because of Canada Day.  Just to be clear, an install of the
AVTSIS 3.6.1 on a clean Win98 box does not work?  If not, what exactly are
the symptoms?  Still vbajet32.dll?  I think this will be news to Whitman,
because he was installing 3.6.1 on fresh 98 boxes yesterday.

I don't yet know whether all of mdac will be required.  I would be suprised
if it is, since ODBC ships with 98.  Still, I don't know exactly what
packages are installed on the machines that are being built.  If at the end
of the day it is required, it will be part of the InstallShield package just
like GEMS.  I hope that will not be necessary though.

Rob, can you track down (ie buy) a copy of 98 and try doing your own fresh
install, then install 3.6.1, and see if it works?