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RE: computer directory configuration and naming

This is good advice Nel. 
I would go on to say that it should be rare that users need to know where GEMS is installed.  JResult is the only case I am aware of where the user is not free to choose the directory of their choice at run time.
I have talked to Whitman and aparently the default directory has changed back to C:\Program Files\GEMS for new installs, and it will remain that way.  Upgrades will check the previous install directory and put the new installation in the same place.  You can always change the install directory during upgrade;  just remember to move your data directories.
Sorry for the confusion folks.  There should have been an announcement when the change was made, and another one when the change was made back.
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In GEMS documentation it should be understood that these GEMS installation folders are default and can be changed.  My understanding is that as long as all of the necessary folders are contained with the GEMS folder, GEMS can be installed whereever you please.  That said, departing from the conventional installation path should in no way be encouraged.  Our products should be always configured in as standardized a manner as possible in order to facilitate support.  Nel
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Subject: computer directory configuration and naming

Fresno's computer was installed with Gems in a new directory called Global Election Systems.  So this system is different than all the others -  will the future new installs be set up this way? -  If so the documentation for JResultClient and all other language that refers to C:\Program Files\ Gems\ ..... will need to be changed to C:\Program Files\Global Election Systems\Gems\.....
It may seem trivial to some but not if you are conducting training in person and conducting support over the phone?
If this will be consistent great - just let the support staff know(  maybe I am the only one in the dark)  or if it was in error - fine . 
Thank you for addressing this
Tari Runyan