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RE: upgrading AVTS software

It does not appear that the AVTSIS is complete.  There are still files missing from the AVTSIS to be able to run the AVTS software.  Here is what I had to do to install the AVTS units in El Paso, Colorado.  

1) When you first boot up the computer, have a keyboard attached and hit the delete key to get into setup.  Go to Bios Features Setup and change the boot sequence from LS120, C to C, A.
2) The machines have come installed with Version 1.1 software.  Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and uninstall the 1.1 version, however, do not uninstall the shared files, check No to All.
3) Install Mdac.
4) Install ATVSIS3-8-1.
5) Copy the logo files under the folder AVTS-Logo over the logo files under C:\Windows.
6) Create a shortcut to Ballot Station and paste it into Startup.
7) Shutdown the system and check to see if logo files are correct.  Power off, insert in Famous Names disk, power back up, should startup into Ballot Station.
8) Start Election and print out a Zero Report.  Shutdown system and remove disk.

We need to get the AVTSIS to be able to do as many of these items as possible.

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> Upgrading the AVTS software is time consuming and difficult.  We have to
> currently unzip the AVTS and Template files and then put the files into 6
> different directories.

Eh?  That is what InstallShield is for.  Download AVTSIS and use that.
Recent versions don't include MDAC, so it is no bigger than downloading AVTS
plus the template.

Or I am missing something about this request...