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How stable is AV1.94w/1.94f! ?

  How stable is AV1.94w/1.94f! ?

  My headspace is in version 2 these days so I'm putting Ingrid's question out to a larger audience.  Ian, approximately how many copies of 1.94w have we shipped?  And does anyone have comments on how stable it is?



INGRID wrote:

I have been asked to organize the effort to upgrade all of the Iowa AccuVotes (Linn, Story and Black Hawk counties) in conjunction with their upgrade from VTS to GEMS.  I was thinking of going with the 1.94w release, but because this is a couple hundred units and we don't want to do it again any time soon, I wanted to check with you.  Has anyone used 1.94w?  Do you feel like it is stable enough to do a widespread customer upgrade?  If so, I will probably be considering the same thing in both North Carolina and Virginia - we are talking several hundred units then.  Please let me know what your comfort level is with all of this.  I would appreciate your advice.