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Re: AVTS software and Win98

All 100 units shipped to El Paso County each have a copy of Windows 98 Second Edition just released just a few weeks ago.
All units have a full Standard install.  Unnecessary short cuts have been deleted from the desk top. All particular unique drivers, i.e.. monitor, video, elo, etc..., have been placed in a folder in the C: drive labeled drivers. And that is all.
If Vancouver has confusion it will be primarily that they have just not asked any questions...
Also, Jeff was shipped a new unit yesterday overnight and he will get it today Friday not Monday or Tuesday.
Just to let you know...
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Sent: Friday, July 02, 1999 1:17 AM
Subject: Re: AVTS software and Win98

> > Whit is not in because of Canada Day.  Just to be clear, an install of the
> > AVTSIS 3.6.1 on a clean Win98 box does not work?  If not, what exactly are
> > the symptoms?  Still vbajet32.dll?  I think this will be news to Whitman,
> > because he was installing 3.6.1 on fresh 98 boxes yesterday.
> >
> Yes,
> Still vbajet32.dll still refuses to work with the current AVTS 3.6.1
> release.  It was only after we installed the mdac drivers that the AVTS
> could download an election.
> There's been some confusion as to which version of win98 they have in
> Vancouver.  It would probably be prudent to get Vancouver a new AVTS with
> win98 asap so they can reproduce what is shipping out of McKinney.
> > I don't yet know whether all of mdac will be required.  I would be
> suprised
> > if it is, since ODBC ships with 98.  Still, I don't know exactly what
> > packages are installed on the machines that are being built.  If at the
> end
> > of the day it is required, it will be part of the InstallShield package
> just
> > like GEMS.  I hope that will not be necessary though.
> >
> > Rob, can you track down (ie buy) a copy of 98 and try doing your own fresh
> > install, then install 3.6.1, and see if it works?
> apparently Jeff Hintz is getting a new AVTS with win98 Monday-Tuesday?
> Perhaps he can go through the install with the new 3.6.1.
> rob