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  • Wyoming rotation, Tari Runyan
  • Re: AVTS Template change for all EV accounts., Steve Knecht
  • Red Ovals, Steve Knecht
  • Marin, Steve Knecht
  • 2400 modems, Tari Runyan
  • Fw: Ballot order forms, Whitman Lee
  • I'm Gone!, Ian S. Piper
  • vac, Rodney D Turner
  • I am outta here, Ken Clark
  • Multiple Languages, Steve Knecht
  • El Paso Message, Jane L. Barth
  • non-rotating absentee voter group, Nel Finberg
  • pw for AVTSTemp3-9-1, Tari Runyan
  •, Greg Forsythe
  • AVTS Readiness Testing vs. a Real Election, Guy Lancaster
  • MDAC installation with DCOM95, Greg Forsythe
  • Re: AVTS 3-9-2 InstallShield package, robert
  • Please ignore this, Whitman Lee
  • Spanish Election Total, Ken Clark
  • Status Meetuing ( Shelby, El Paso, Gaston), Juan A. Rivera
  • Fw: my schedule once school starts, Kerry Martin
  • RE: Y2K TIP...No JOKE!, Ken Clark
  • Music Licensing Info - FYI, Juan A. Rivera
  • famous names dbf on the ftp site, Ken Clark
  • ms access, Michael Lai
  • RE: sp5, Ken Clark
  • Fw: MS SBS, Steve Knecht
  • TCAND OVERFLOW, Nel Finberg
  • VTS Operator's Guide patch 14, Nel Finberg
  • RE: counter groups 1 & 2, Ken Clark

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