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Re: AVTS 3-9-2 InstallShield package

Hi Whitman,
Nice try but no cigar.  The AVTS 3.9.2 still has a problem with the opening page:
"This Ballot Station is Open" and "Accessing Ballot" and "Please insert voter card" only appear in English (twice), not English and Spanish.
I have rolled back to 3.8.1 for the Riverside demo.
p.s. There were 4 races which showed up with "Yes" candidates even in Spanish (Races: 130, 140, 150 and 160).  This is a database creation oversight.  The candidates were entered as "Yes" in both the default and Spanish language sets in GEMS and had nothing to do with AVTS 3.9.1 or 3.9.2.
Take care,
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Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 4:38 PM
Subject: AVTS 3-9-2 InstallShield package

AVTS 3.9.2 and its InstallShield package are ready.  The passwords are:
AVTS-3-9-2.zip "kpoen89w2aple"
AVTSIS-3-9-2.zip "cmbd8peftcarg"
AVTSIS-NOMADAC-3-9-2.zip "rl0zv0trbkb1o"
It fixed the bug in Language Selection box.