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Re: counter groups 1 & 2

The attached election is defined with three counter groups, polling, absentee and early voting, each with a respective vote center category (ie. there is no multi-counter group vote center category).
In the following excerpt from the Vote Center Status Report, each vote center is listed with the correct vote center category.  Early voting centers should be listed with 'early voting' in the counter group 1 column and absentee vote centers should also be listed with 'absentee' in the counter group 1 column.  In fact, early voting centers are not listed with any counter group and absentee vote centers with 'absentee' under counter group 2.
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From: Ken Clark <ken@gesn.com>
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Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 11:55 AM
Subject: RE: counter groups 1 & 2

From: Nel Finberg [mailto:nel@gesn.com]
To: Ken Clark
Subject: counter groups 1 & 2

Ken, the Report Precinct and Vote Center Status reports contain counter group 1 and 2 columns.  Do these refer to the first two counter groups defined in an election?  If not, what counter groups do they refer to?  The relationship between the counter groups 1 and 2 and those defined in the Counter Group Editor is not as clear as between voter groups 1 and 2 and voter groups defined under the Parties and Absentee/NonAbsentee tabs in the Voter Group Editor.
Another excellent question for the support list.  The 1.94 Accu-Vote has one or two counter groups.  AFAIK only Anoka (and I guess Washington now) uses the second counter group (absentee).  These reports show the counter groups of the vote center.  You can set up two counter groups for a vote center by putting both counter groups in the same vote center category in the counter group dialog.  
The counter group dialog is less that intuitive -- I agree.  Hopefully it will improve one day.  Most people just learn how to set up their counter groups a certain way and stick with it.  That is pretty easy to do since Minnisota is the only exception.
Accu-Vote 2.0 will allow more than two counter groups in a vote center.  These reports and the counter group editor will need to be modified when that happens.

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