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RE: ms access

The cluless-that-be elected to buy an OEM Office 2000 that does not include MS-Access in McKinney, so I can't help with this right now.  I believe there are problems with the MDAC that ships with Office 2000, so try re-installing the latest. 
The .mdb format changed with Office 2000 (Access Driver version 4).  It sounds like it is trying to convert a 3.x .mdb to 4.0 and failing on some permission.  Try logging in as Administrator, and then go to Control Panel - ODBC.  Create a new Access User DSN if there isn't one there already.  Choose Configure then Repair on the election.mdb.  If that doesn't work, play around with the Compact and Advanced options.  If that doesn't work roll back to Access 97 until I get a copy of 2000.  Make sure you do all this after re-installing MDAC.  Let us know how you make out either way. 
Don't try this at home folks.
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Hello.  I have recently installed the new MS Access from Office 2000.  For the most part, Access is able to open the .mdb files with no problem except for the template file, election.mdb.  Whenever, I tried openning this file Access would complain and say something like, "Current user don't have permission to convert or enable this database".  I looked under the Help and followed the instructions to join a workgroup but that still doesn't help.  Dmitry has Office 2000 installed on his machine as well and I have asked him to try openning election.mdb and he encountered the same problem.  Any ideas on what I am doing wrong, anybody?  Thanks.