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Multiple Languages

This is a question about multilanguage capability.  Fresno has been telling me that they have to put two languages on the ballot for the past year.  Today, for the first time, I believe Susan Anderson is beginning to see the many problems that this will cause in cost, weight, duplication, confusion, etc.  If I can continue to barrage her with reasons and she relents - how does GEMS do the following:
1.  Allow user to print English ballots and a seperate Spanish ballot with the same precinct IDs where the
     ovals would probably be in different locations because Spanish and English take up different amounts
    of room on the ballot.  They would be the same races and ballot style, but different oval positions.
    Does GEMS handle it now?  We would be using it in March 2000 election.  Can anyone email me names of other accounts that print Spanish and English ballots and how they do it.  Thanks