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RE: Multiple Languages

This is a question about multilanguage capability.  Fresno has been telling me that they have to put two languages on the ballot for the past year.  Today, for the first time, I believe Susan Anderson is beginning to see the many problems that this will cause in cost, weight, duplication, confusion, etc.  If I can continue to barrage her with reasons and she relents - how does GEMS do the following:
[ list with one item deleted]

GEMS doesn't.  I put all the data structures in place to support this late last year, but never finished the code to generate separate ballots for each language.  The structures were added so we could generate multiple language ballots for the TS.  It never came up for paper (until now), so it didn't make it to the top of my list after my first attempt at implementing it failed.
  I think this is going to be required for El Paso Texas in the next few weeks, so you will probably see this feature added soon.
I think Tari once put together Spanish ballots by copying the GEMS database and changing the text while keeping the cards layed out flag set so the oval positions stayed the same.  I don't recommend people do that though.