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Re: Fw: MS SBS

>On another subject.  We can't get into our Global VTS units since the
>digi-boards have been pulled and we have a few pieces of critical data that
>we need to get at.  It always stops us when it sees that it can't find the
>digiboard.  Since were not trying to use the input modems, which is what I
>thought the digi-boards were used for, can we get around the missing
>digiboards to get into the GLOBAL VTS program.  If not we need to reinstall
>at least one of the digi-boards while we are waiting for the new CPU's
>to arrive and send on to you guys in McKinney.
>Any ideas?
  I was hoping that someone else would respond to this but here goes:

  He doesn't say where things stop.  On booting Unix after removing the digi-boards, you should get warnings unless you also uninstalled the drivers for the boards.  I would assume though that they were able to continue and run VTS.

  The only problem in VTS would be that you won't be able to use the digi-board ports.  In the system administration menu/support peripherals/select communications ports screen you would use the <F3> Delete key to remove the no-longer functioning ports.  If they're not already there, you may wish to add the standard ports if they're available for VTS (namely tty1a and tty2a I believe).

  This is just what I figure would be the case.  Perhaps our field support people could speak from experience (Mike or Rob???).