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RE: Red Ovals

[In a private mail to Greg, Ken wrote]:

The red on the famous names ballot was created for the inferred readers.  The whole point on going to the new visible light readers was to eliminate the need to print red ovals invisible to the old inferred reader.  It is actually a "bug" in the visible light reader that it cannot see pumpkin.
If the red on the famous names ballot was created for infra-red then why do all the visible light lottery readers located in every little corner store use red 032 Warm Red ovals (rectangles) on the lottery tickets?

Sorry, but that does not follow logically.  The only thing you can conclude is that their machine will read our inferred-invisible color correctly.
This discussion is pointless folks.  There are exactly three options:
  1. Stick to Ian's spec
  2. Get permission from the customer to be out of spec
  3. Change the spec
Ian won't do 3 right now.  That leaves finding someone else willing to change it (and take responsibility for the change), or options 1 and 2.  Frankly, I don't think an "engineering study of the variations of colored ink on paper" is required unless we become a defense contractor, but nonetheless options 1&2 stand until someone qualified takes responsibility.