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Fw: Red Ovals

If the red on the famous names ballot was created for infra-red then why do all the visible light lottery readers located in every little corner store use red 032 Warm Red ovals (rectangles) on the lottery tickets?
I am aware of your options on red and thick ovals.  Fortunately, most sales people are able to get "thumbs up" from standard ovals.
The red on the famous names ballot was created for the inferred readers.  The whole point on going to the new visible light readers was to eliminate the need to print red ovals invisible to the old inferred reader.  It is actually a "bug" in the visible light reader that it cannot see pumpkin.
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Voters with limited vision, (over 40) find the red oval easier to see.  After many successful elections using the thin black oval, the comment generally heard is "It's a great system but if you could make the ovals a little darker it would be even better." 
The election committee (Councillors and staff) for the City of Brampton rejected our system because of the thin black ovals.  Ballots were created using thick red (032 Warm Red) ovals and we are now Brampton's vendor of choice.
Instead of a possible negative the Global ballot with the thick red oval gets thumbs up. 
My concern is the visibility of the current standard thick oval in orange, (not the orange ovals on the Toronto ballot because they were at least twice as thick as the standard thick oval and created manually for a special purpose ballot).
Which red is used on the famous names ballot?
I don't understand red/pumpkin after so many US elections using standard ovals.