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Re: Red Ovals

What is the sanctioning process???   What is the certification process?  Let me know and I will help.
The sanctioning/certification process requires an engineering study of the variations of colored ink on paper and their effects on the accurate scanning of the visible light reader.  I am not qualified to perform that study.  Please refer your requests for change to rcr@gesn.com and Tab will create a project, prioritize that project, and assign the appropriate people to the task or contract the work out with a deadline date.
Has 032 Warm Red ever caused a concern?
From my limited investigation:
On a spectral analysis of Pantone 032 Warm Red, the reflectivity of that color drops off at our visible light reader's emitted light wavelength (620 nm +/- 10 nm).  Theoretically, this sloping curve does not give us enough headroom for printing thick ovals to account for variations in the printing process and variations in the AccuVote readers.  Pantone 130U has a flatter reflectivity curve at the specified wavelengths that does give us that theoretical headroom.
I have had 27 elections run successfully using this colour and will provide examples for your testing.  Why should it fail when it has passed with "flying colours"?
Either it works or you have been lucky.  I don't know which.