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Fw: Red Ovals

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From: Ian Piper
Sent: August 18, 1999 3:18 PM
Subject: Re: Red Ovals

Have never had an extraneous mark and I don't live in Quebec.  Vive la Quebec Libre.  I have no problem with 032 and use it all the time.
Please reconsider as the Accu-Vote guru.
We work for Global Election Systems, Inc. not for ourselves.  Interesting comment but why was it made
When specifications are made, they have to apply to all AccuVotes in existence.  Backward compatible is important!
Pantone 032 Warm Red is not a sanctioned color for thick oval printing, no matter how much success you've had with it.  What is the sanctioning process???  
So far, with our testing and analysis, Pantone 130U is a safer color for printing thick ovals.  Has 032 Warm Red ever caused a concern?  I have had 27 elections run successfully using this colour and will provide examples for your testing.  Why should it fail when it has passed with "flying colours"?
We haven't unequivocally sanctioned any color for thick ovals yet, but because of your need for thicker ovals in Toronto, (Canada as well as Quebec) Pantone 130U was specified for the RFP and it will have to do for now.  It was never specified, I made up the ballot samples because of the situation.
You are a representative of Global.  Who else????
Global representatives cannot be authorizing the use of colors that not approved by Global Election Systems.  What is the certification process?  Let me know and I will help.
If an account wants to use Pantone 032 Warm Red or any other color, they are free to do that, but if Global is aware they are going outside of approved practices, they must be informed by a letter from Global that they do so at their own risk.