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Re: AVTS Template change for all EV accounts.

Tab, I would respectfully submit (as we are all working through this for the
first time) that I believe precincts will need to be given their valid
"ballot styles" perhaps on a report or sheet of paper. In early voting that
the counter person will (may) need to take the person to the booth, assist
with inserting the card, and that the first screen should display a ballot
style number that the counter person in early voting, or the pollworker,
could verify that the correct style is at least being displayed on the first
screen.  I believe we'll need to tell Pct. 201 that their valid ballot style
is styles are 101 and 102 (or in Calif Pres primary) they could have many
styles if we are tracking by party and that the pollworker will need to
verify they burned the card correctly.

I think this gives the pollworker or counter person an excuse to help
facillitate the voter on their first interaction with the system.  We may
end up not using it alot, but I think it will be necessary in more than a
few places.  It is a requirement in the Riverside RFP.

Question: Will the Party tracking for the SB100 changes for the March
Primary be on the smart card, or tracked via party ballot styles on the
AccuVote-TS.  Marin will be using AccuVote-TS this November and definately
in March, so SB100 party tracking for presidential goes for AccuVote-TS as
well.  Curious, Thanks.

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Date: Thursday, August 05, 1999 8:57 AM
Subject: Re: AVTS Template change for all EV accounts.

>> Hi,
>> I have received this request from a number of Early Voting accounts.
>> Because EV involves programming a smart card from the entire set of
>> styles or precincts, there is potential for programming the wrong ballot
>> style or precinct.
>> Is it possible to change the template so that when the smart card is
>> inserted, the ballot style or precinct is shown so that the EV poll
>> or voter is able to verify.
>    Who do you think should be verifying this?  The voter OR the poll
>worker.  If it is the poll worker then displaying this information on the
>ballot station is not usefull since the poll worker does not see this.
>unless they were the one to program the smart card hwo do they know if the
>information is correct.   If it is the voter who is to review this
>information do they really know what whether it is correct (ie. do they
>what the name of their precinct is) ?
>I would suggest this information is more for the people doing the L&A
>testing and election setup and therefor should only be displayed in the
>default language.