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Re: 2400 modems

Sophia would be able to assist you with the settings for the old 2400 baud modems as they are required for Unix.  As for their compatibility with Windows NT and GEMS, I will check for documentation in this office and forward it along to you.  Ken doesn't think that there is a reason why the 2400s wouldn't work - but nobody has tried it.  ~Ingrid
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From: Tari Runyan <tprunyan@techline.com>
To: Support <support@gesn.com>
Date: Monday, August 02, 1999 4:18 PM
Subject: 2400 modems

are there any settings available for the old pocket 2400 modems ? Do they work with Gems or do the OLD clients need to purchase the 33.6 modems?
Thank you in advance
Tari Runyan