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non-rotating absentee voter group

It has come to my attention that elections with rotating polling ballots and non-rotating absentee ballots may be configured incorrectly.  These elections are typically configured with an absentee voter group defined under the Absentee/NonAbsentee tab in the Voter Group Editor, with no commensurate polling voter group, and polling and absentee counter groups in the Counter Group Editor, neither attached to a group 2 voter group.

What this effects is rotation 0 cards being erroneously assigned to polling vote centers and rotated polling ballots being assigned to absentee voter groups.  This may be verified by stepping through either polling or absentee vote centers in the tree view and looking at the Absentee/NonAbsentee column under the Card tab in the list view.

Attaching the absentee voter group to the absentee counter group's voter group 2 and defining a polling voter group under the Voter Group Editor's Absentee/NonAbsentee tab and attaching it to the polling counter group's voter group 2 will clear absentee ballots from  polling vote centers and rotating polling ballots from the absentee vote centers.

It is imperative that election officials or support staff verify all cards for race and candidate rotations as well as precinct, voter group 1 and voter group 2 associations, and that all cards in the election are deemed accounted for every base precinct.

Nel Finberg