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RE: ms access

Hmmm.  I get this too even with Access97 when I try to repair it.  '|' is almost always an indication of corruption.  I am looking into it.
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Just a follow up.  I tried doing a repair on election.mdb and it refused saying I don't have permission to use the 'I' object.  I was logged on as admin while doing this and with mdac 2.1 installed.
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ODBC.  Create a new Access User DSN if there isn't one there already.  Choose Configure then Repair on the election.mdb.  If that doesn't work, play around with the Compact and Advanced options.  If that doesn't work roll back to Access 97 until I get a copy of 2000.  Make sure you do all this after re-installing MDAC.  Let us know how you make out either way.